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God Must Be Crazy

OR Crazy Must Be God. This post is a week overdue. Between reading and travelling and shopping, I don’t get much time to come online. Yay for that. So I was a tad pissed two weeks back. Colin Mochrie and … Continue reading

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Telling ’em where to get off – A software engineer’s guide to finding a seat on a BMTC bus

I am back to my old life as one of the numerous Saaftware folks in Bangalore, if only for a short while. Yes, that signals the return of all the BMTC rave/rant blogposts. When I had just restarted the rounds … Continue reading

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Just Arbit

There are a lot of women like Olive Oyl who paint their nails red and run very weird. There are also a lot of men like Bluto who like women like Olive Oyl. They like to pick up fights from … Continue reading

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Maid In India

(Title from this pic). So I wake up this morning to my mother firing the maid. It wasn’t pretty.When the young woman put forth her best “What did I do wrong?” face, my mother systematically listed out her set of … Continue reading

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