Just Arbit

There are a lot of women like Olive Oyl who paint their nails red and run very weird. There are also a lot of men like Bluto who like women like Olive Oyl. They like to pick up fights from time to time. Wome like Olive Oyl like men like Popeye who can eat spinach and beat up me like Bluto and go Toot! Toot! There are also others like Wimpy who keep munching burgers. Swea Pea is an annoying little thing.

Im bugged of running this in my brain for the past one hour. Thank God! The power is back!

I am also very bored.

PS: Is Popeye, Olive Oyl’s Boyfriend?

About Tuna Fish

Not one more of these again!!!
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7 Responses to Just Arbit

  1. Arjun says:


    But sometimes, she becomes a moody bitch and goes after Bluto and Popeye has to win her back by performing impressive feats of strength. Or something. I never quite liked that cartoon.

  2. Chethan B says:

    🙂 i used to like it a lot.. for some unknown reasons..

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  4. That became a part of my high school life after we got cable at my place. But i hated it. I stil don kno y i watched it!

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