Bleg: Soliciting feel-good blogposts from all over

So a bunch of folks I know at IIMB (and me, sorta) are beginning this new venture.

A blook. (Blog + Book, for the uninitiated)

Except that it’s not going to be written by just one blogger.

Their model is rather…. good, different, hatke – they would like to source content from a lot of bloggers, not just one. And split the royalty among all the bloggers whose work they’ll publish. No kidding, that’s their model.

We discussed this for quite some time till our throats went dry and decided we’d publish only stuff from not-so-big bloggers. Coz otherwise if you go looking for the ‘best’ or ‘most popular’ content on the (Indian) blogosphere, you just end up picking mostly the post of the Big Bloggers, the Blogbrities. Which is totally not cool because, well, most of them are coming out with their own books. And it doesn’t feel like a slice of life, trust me. When you read one-two posts of star bloggers, it feels like they’re everyman… but when you have a whole collection of their posts to read at one go, the whole feel changes.

The slight problem with this seems to be that all the online content the bunch of us are coming across happens to be either from big bloggers or from joke websites and other entities which have copyrights.

So it’d really really really really help if you reading this chip in with links to blogs and blogposts which are worth a read. Please put links to your favourite blogposts here in the comments. Stuff written by your friends, your family, or even some awesome faceless blogger. Or even you. Self-promotion is absolutely accepted here.

Much thanks. We’ll say so in the blook as well.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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2 Responses to Bleg: Soliciting feel-good blogposts from all over

  1. buddy says:

    self promoting. thanks.

  2. S says:

    other entities which have copyrights

    Er, every entity automatically has copyrights. 🙂 So will any blogger you find. They can then use their right to give permission/licence for inclusion of their work in something else, like your book project.

    [Ok, this is US copyright law, Indian copyrights are a bit different, but the phrase still seemed very odd. :-)]

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