Quick review of Enthiran

I just got done with Enthiran. Not on the big screen, sadly, but the awesomeness still shines through.

It is simply Perfect. Rather well-made product.

Ash is not irritating , she seems so totally back to her ’90s aura of wonderfulness, the science is not (atleast on the surface and a little deeper) screwed up, the music is actually good when you fit it with the rest of the movie, there is no chummangaati sentiment-putting, the gimmickry totally fits in with the plot, Danny Dengzongpa is scary, the references to past Rajini films and punch dialogues is just right. Then there’s also the total #win Asimov reference, and robots-building-more-new-robots dystopia.

And Rajini is Rajini.

It does have its downsides…. Karunas and Santhanam are wasted – that subplot is one of the worst I’ve seen, while it could have been used for such a lot more. The middle bits are a tad draggy. There’s too much carnage, though that fits in with the scale of the plot. And, well, the whole scientist-working-alone thing should totally not be allowed.

Plus, Rajini’s age is totally totally justified in the movie – he did a PhD and a postdoc, so he’s allowed to be Ancient 🙂 most people on the verge of graduation are.

But you know what I liked best? They got the universities right – Rajinikanth is supposed to be a PhD from CMU’s Robotics department, and postdoc at Stanford. Yes, not your standard ‘Harward University’ or ‘University of California’. Such attention to detail…. all that was remaining was to add an ‘Advisor: Dr. Raj Reddy’, and ‘Member: STAIR Project’ at the end 🙂

You know what I would have liked better? To have Chitti do robot soccer 🙂

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14 Responses to Quick review of Enthiran

  1. favrefare says:

    yea right…as if that’s the most important thing – “getting the names of universities right”
    and you liked that best…..wow…what’s ur IQ like dude?

    • wanderlust says:

      not the ‘names’. if you want to study robotics, CMU and Stanford are pretty much the top places. Hats off to Shankar (or his second spot boy or whoever) for putting in this much of effort on the details. if it had been some random university name which is put in coz it’s famous and recognizable, like Harward or Yale or something, I would have said Meh, Vaseegaran is not even a real scientist. But this little bit of detailing…. puts a smile on your face! Because someone other than you and your few friends give a hoot about this sort of thing! as for my IQ… I read some (IITian’s) theory that there are two categories of people, those whose IQ is in the normal range, and those whose IQ is the logarithm of those in the first group… I think and hope i’m in the first group.

  2. Srikanth says:

    BTW, it is ‘Harvard’, not Harward. A small detail. 🙂

    • wanderlust says:

      that’s the way they pronounce it! esp if you watch Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai where Kareena’s got an admit with schol from there. maybe i should have said harword.. more appropriate. or hardword.

  3. Arjun says:

    [favrefare] Cunt.

    [wanderlust] I enjoyed the movie while watching it. Stupid retrospect ruined it for me. The plot’s pretty silly and weak, isn’t it? The effects are awesome. Then again, that just proves that the director had enough budget to hire expensive firms to do effects while he cobbled together a pretty flimsy plot. In ten years, Christopher Nolan came up with ‘Inception’ (whose plot made a bit more sense than Endhiran’s). In ten years, Shankar achieved enough clout to get producers to shell out 160 crores or whatever. Whatever works, I guess.

    Rajini is fantastic in the film, though. For some reason, I liked the scientist character. And you’re right, Aishwarya Rai isn’t as annoying as her usual self. The comedians were completely unnecessary. Maybe adding Vivek and giving him an actual role, like in Sivaji, would’ve helped.

    Imagine if Rajini had played the nameless hero in ‘Unnaipol oruvan’ and Kamal had played this robot. The scene where Chitti dismantles himself would have been half an hour long and Kamal would have cried and made us all cry as well. There would’ve been some platitudes about life and God and existence and shit. And Kamal speaking English in that inexplicable accent. And it would have been a whole different kind of awesome. And ‘Unnaipol oruvan’ would have a rags-to-middleclass backstory for the hero where they explain why and how he developed this strong social consciousness. And a introductory song for the hero where he tells everyone his name or the fact that he’s arrived or about his awareness of some esoteric instrument or something. And in an epic finish shootout, he would have killed the fourth terrorist himself, instead of having Arif do it, and taken the blame upon himself and gone to jail or Pollachi. And no Mohanlal to say ‘Yuvar khaands are cleen’ and ‘The city isin yuvar khaands. If all goes well, tonight’s beer…” (inexplicable pause) “….is awn mi.”

    • wanderlust says:

      IMO, if a big big extravaganza has a strong/convoluted plot, it’s a big downside to it. Because then, who’s going to notice the songs, or the sfx, or the room full of rajnikanths? Especially when people are scratching their heads and trying to figure out the plot? If the plot is strong or convoluted, everything else becomes incidental to it – including the presence of top stars. very few scriptwriters can be smooth enough to make sure both the jingjang and the intelligent plot get ample screen space.

      Someone said sometime back that if you start noticing the beauty of an author’s words in a novel, it means that the author has failed. because she failed to captivate the reader with the plot. extending that here, if you want people to talk about your special effects, dont give them a plot to talk about.

      why do i get the feeling you were simply dying to write out this comparison somewhere because it’s been weighing on your mind for a while? thinking about it, damned right you are. I don’t know about the intro song, but there certainly would have been a jhakaas intro sequence. i havent watched unnaipol oruvan, but if it was kamal in enthiran, i would have been thankful for the english, especially when chitti is talking to ash about the cyborg kid she is gonna give birth to. and i daresay kamal would have been more graphic about how, and the movie would have featured atleast two high-profile kissing scenes.

      overall, enthiran with kamal and unnaipol oruvan with rajini would be two awesome movies, only very very different from their current avatars. no?

      i thought this would be a ripoff of Upendra’s Hollywood, but turned out, nope…. though i would have preferred it ended like that – vaseegaran makes a sana-bot for chitti, and everyone lives happily ever after. Or heck, chitti makes it himself.

  4. favrefare says:

    somehow it’s ok for englishmen to speak Indian languages with an accent and well….anglicize it and when Indians do the same with English it’s laughed at…Yuvar… and so on. colonial slavedom I guess…gets handed over from generation to generation.

    • wanderlust says:

      the ‘dorling dorling pleej’ reminds me of some ’80s kannada movie, and clashes badly with the rest of the movie. hence the whine.

      english is an indian language. when two people from neighbouring states meet, they end up speaking in english. when there’s so much english around you, it becomes reasonable to expect atleast a little adherence to correct pronunciations as taught in schools? and how many forin junta speak ‘indian’? it’s such a matter of shock to even know some of them can tell one indian language from the other that irrespective of how they speak it, that they speak kannada or hindi or tamil and know the words itself is a big deal that you feel it’s idiotic to nitpick when a japanese man is singing ‘oruvan oruvan mudalali’. especially since they are not ‘murdering’ our language… there aren’t enough of them to.

      yuvar is fine. gournament is also fine. but holding those as the gold standard is not.

  5. favrefare says:

    exactly but you contradict yourself when you say that, read ” i would have been thankful for the english…” earlier.
    Kamal would have bored everyone to their death and beyond if he were enthiran. I have heard of NDE’s from folks who sat thru that thing called dasavatharam. K.B. tried to talk to him that too quite publicly (as only he can) in one of those functions putting it across quite politely that he needed to stop. He has not but the audience has (stopped going to his movies).

  6. Arjun says:

    [favrefare] If you’re done feeling superior…

    No one said it’s ok for Englishmen (why just one nationality?) to speak Indian languages with an accent. That sounds stupid as well. It’s just there aren’t as many foreigners-speaking-Indian-languages movies as there are Indians-speaking-English movies. Also, foreigners speaking Kannada/Hindi/Tamil badly sounds stupid, Indians speaking English badly sounds funny. Funny beats stupid. Like how a Smith & Wesson beats four aces.

    “colonial slavedom I guess…gets handed over from generation to generation.”

    Bad guess. That’s diabetes you’re thinking about. That one is hereditary.

    [wanderlust] Yeah, if it’s a ‘big-star’ film, the plot does take a backseat to the star’s presence. Apropos to the “author’s words in the novel” point, yeah, if it becomes like a wordy Rushdie novel, you do tend to notice the words more than the story. But I expect something more than the most tenuous of plots. Yeah, admittedly, this one was more about showcasing the effects and Rajini’s star power.

    Heh, yeah, with Kamal, you’d have had atleast a couple of high-profile kissing scenes. And, horrors (hozhzhozhzhs?), a nude Kamal. The movies are fine as they are, but they would been enjoyable even with the stars switched.

    Bangalore Mirror or BT claimed that this would be a ripoff of Uppi’s Hollywood or ‘Bicentennial man.’ Thankfully, it wasn’t the latter. Bicentennial man was major blade.

  7. Arjun says:

    Forget how you sat through it. Why you sat through it is a greater mystery. I sat through it as well. An unimaginable amount of free time back in the teenages.

    Congratulations! You have just acquired your very own troll — the non-capitalising Smuggy 2010. The Smuggy 2010 can construct seemingly coherent arguments, put together entire sentences without using capital letters or punctuation anywhere and be a general all-round prick. You can pet it, take it for a walk, admire it’s stiff upper lip & turned-up nose, share it with your family and have loads of smug fun! ‘Smuggy 2010 — good enough to smug-gle!’

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