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Growing up….

There comes a time in your life when you realize you can’t blame others for all your ills in life. Like JK Rowling said, there’s an expiry date for blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction. Not … Continue reading

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Fiction-writer’s block (And what to do to get over it)

Anyone who’s done a decent amount of reading, especially when young, fancies themselves a novelist. I am no exception. I didn’t get to do much writing at school. Whatever little I did get to do, I revelled in it. Most … Continue reading

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Baby, You’re a rich man!

Apparently, art is the best way to reflect life of the times. When most of us have Facebook tab open all day andĀ  keep checking updates every few minutes, imagine what we could give the pool. Hmph! Imagine taping how … Continue reading

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Minestrone Soup again

Food-related title. The past couple of months have been all about food. I delight in eating, and have developed a most unhealthy habit of random cravings at unearthly hours of the day and night. I’m at some level thankful for … Continue reading

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Ms Feather-light

There is this type of women or girls I keep running into from time to time. I call them Ms. Feather-light. This speciesĀ  is almost always camouflaged as the strong-confident-career types who can take the world with the tip of … Continue reading

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