Baby, You’re a rich man!

Apparently, art is the best way to reflect life of the times. When most of us have Facebook tab open all day and  keep checking updates every few minutes, imagine what we could give the pool. Hmph! Imagine taping how the code of Facebook got written. I’m not talking about the social life of the geek but the millions of lines of code, one key at a time. Millions of w00ts! pinged on some IRC or tweeted every time something runs bug free or  some equivalent. This and how much Jesse Eisenberg resembles Micheal Cera kept running in my mind all through the two hour ten minutes.

My coding knowledge is limited to occasional Maple here and there, undergrad first year, some geeky friends and Geek and Poke. Agree that every line of code in the movie will knock off half the viewership. But I feel almost enraged that they reflect Mark Zuckerberg as a monkey hitting on the typewriter and bringing out the Hamlet. Number of hits on the site, number of people registering, number of schools/continents it is spreading to, how many big guys are noticing are all good indicators for progress. So is getting people to invest loads of dollars or getting to meet up with goofy guys who date Victoria’s Secret models, even someone sueing you. But the movie somehow misses capturing the core.

There has got to be a way to make a movie on the online experience. There just has to be.

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3 Responses to Baby, You’re a rich man!

  1. Arjun says:

    I really thought that was Michael Cera! And I remembered thinking that would be a gross miscast. He can play awkward bumbling teens (and the occasional near-superhero) to perfection but not the unscrupulous founder of a global network.

    Never seen this guy before, this Eisenberg. He must be the love-child of Spielberg and a ice floe. ha ha.

  2. Oh my feelings exactly and I guess Zadie Smith has it pitch perfect when she says that this is a movie made by 1.0 people about the 2.0 generation.

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