Just imagine that you found that perfect gadget or dress or jacket or something else in the shop window. That thing which you have been searching for ages and never found anything as exact. You immediately rush in and buy it. Then you flaunt this prized possession. Others may think that it is unnecessary fuss over something very ordinary looking. But the worth of it is very personal to you.

Now think of that book you have been reading furiously, and associating with every character and every incident. Or that television series you have been following since as long as you can remember. There is something about these that you feel very closely connected to. Something that makes you feel that you are a part of it. Or like you know all of them as a part of your own life.

Then there are people you are close to. A few of them whom you know through and through, and they know you the same way. Others whom you have worked closely with. One or two you have felt the strong connection with, albeit few interactions. A few more whom you know very little about, but refresh their Facebook profile all the time.

Look at all of these from another angle.

There are a thousand others who bought the same thing as you did. A million other people who read that same book or watched the same show as you did. All the people you so tightly hold on to, have equally or more meaningful relations with so many other people.

In such a situation, what about that object or those shows or the people is it that you really can call your own? How mad are you really allowed to get, if you find that there are others who think about these the same way as you do?

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Not one more of these again!!!
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2 Responses to Ownership

  1. Chethan B says:

    “… How mad are you really allowed to get..” lol.. beautiful thought.. 🙂
    i think the madness should know no bounds and ownership should be complete.. bcos its not really about the object.. its about our ability to like it unconditionally..

  2. sg says:

    I agree that I have been there, completely overwhelmed and irrational, only to realize later the futility!
    But then remember the Matrix, everything is just a perception, and that too just yours! And that’s how we live our lives 🙂

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