Where were you when India won the World Cup?

I woke up from a seeming stupor at 7:45 am, and the last thing I remembered was closing my eyes during the 9th over of the SL innings for ‘two minutes’. Webcric’s feed was intermittent and I ended up following the match on cricinfo, and somehow wasn’t ‘in the worldcup final mood’, and thought I’d just go running. But then when I’d changed, I thought I’d just check the score before I left…. it was the 40th over by then, and things were looking pretty exciting, and the feed came back on.

I’m still here in my running clothes, hungry as ever because I haven’t yet had breakfast, feeling glad for not missing such a nailbiting few overs.


I am the sort of person who starts tensing up when I see the number of runs to win greater than or equal to the number of balls to hit it off. And the batsmen weren’t doing much to improve that. I prayed for a four and a six to just ease my tension. And then two magical overs. 11 runs off each of them.

And then we needed four runs to win. Dhoni finished it off with an old-style six. And history was made.

I’d all but quit watching cricket after the final of 2003… I just lost interest. The hype around the last two matches have brought it back on. Now I think I’ll restart OD-ing on cricket. Yes, Mr. Aakar Patel I’m a fickle Indian fan, and I didn’t just ‘clap clap clap’ when India won.

I missed the sound of firecrackers and wild screams and cheering while watching the match and am quite pissed that this had to happen when I’m not in India.

Was sort of glad, though, for the folks I follow on Twitter. You folks made my World Cup, even though I whined to high heavens about my timeline getting messed up every single time there was a match on.

Like Mohan said, “When averaged over the world population, this must be among the most euphoric moments in mankind’s history”.


And Sachin finally got to kiss the World Cup. The world can end now in 2012 and India will go down happy.


Given the historicity of this moment, how did you bring it in? Who were you watching the match with? Were you watching the match? Did you hold your pee for five overs straight? What were you munching? Were you wearing some Bleed Blue merchandise? Did you have Facebook open? Were you livetweeting your every emotion? Tell me in the comments. I want to preserve this moment forever.

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11 Responses to Where were you when India won the World Cup?

  1. Varun says:

    Alone in London, with some absolute pwnage on twitter

  2. Arjun says:

    With father and girlfriend (mine, not his) in the Netherlands. It will be my greatest regret that I wasn’t in Bangalore to watch this and hear the fireworks go off after that FUCKING AWESOME SIX to finish it off.

    And how did you know I held my pee for the last few overs?

    Cursed Yuvraj after four straight dot balls in that Malinga over. No eating, no drinking. Just staring at the laptop. My father refused to move from his spot because “otherwise, a wicket will fall”.

    What time is it there? Still time enough to go drink yourself to death?

    We, the post ’83 people, too know now what a World Cup win feels like. Yes, we get nothing out of it and our lives go on regardless of the result but it feels strangely good.

    And fuck you, Aakar Patel, you snobbish bastard.

  3. swati says:

    I watched the on television at my friends place.. awesome food, comments, cheers, screams.. and on top of it all the WIN!!! One of my frnds sipped water and gambhir got out…. thats it.. the guy was banned from another sip of water…couple of us were sipping OMR (original indian drink :P) at frequent intervals when dhoni and yuvi were batting …theory being “the momentum should persist “….and of course a bottomsup for any six……Oh my god… this is the bestestestest ever victory on earth…..After match we went and joined a group of crazzzy indians chanting victory slogans!! haha Clark Quay ( the clubbing zone in singapore) had become like delhis pragati maidan or sumthing..with tricolors and dholaks ..ppl dancing and chanting ….Life goes on…but this I will cherish for ever.. I have been seeing ndtv news bites whole eve today.watching dhonis new avatar, their tea session etc etc…:D..now i better get back and read research for tomorrow !!!

  4. Shiny says:

    We screened the Sri Lankan innings from a projector in our lab 🙂 Indian innings was screened at the open air theater of the institute. BIG screen! I guess almost the entire insti was there watching and cheering madly. But then, the initial bit of the Indian innings was a little scary so, I decided I would go and watch in my lab again. Awesome win!! Firecrackers everywhere. People screaming and hugging and waving the flag and running crazily.

    Before all that, during the India-Pak semis, this one labmate of mine had the uncanny knack of getting someone out or nearly out whenever he watched (unfortunately it was during the Indian batting). He was totally banned from watching the rest of the Indo-pak match and the entire Indian innings of the finals. Poor guy, he had to watch the highlights later on.

  5. tunafish says:

    I din’t watch!

  6. Puneet says:

    Alone at home but with 7 other “lonely” friends on FB… the post finally ended up at 1400+ replies….

  7. Malaveeka says:

    At home. With my parents. After work and my annual review.

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