Nostalgic ’90s Bleg – What Happened to The Boys Of Rockford?

I watched Rockford a day after I turned 14 and loved it. It was cheesy, it had hammy acting and dialogue delivery, the lead protagonist seems foolhardy now that I think of it, and Nagesh Kukunoor was a jerk teacher who I’d now never let near a tween. And the drama in that hostel there dwarfs all the drama I have in my life right now. The movie doesn’t age well.

Still, it was one of the many coming-of-age dramas we watched, and it was refreshing to see Nandita Das in a vaguely glam role, given that all she did before that was Art cinema. [Imagine, this movie’s most glam component was Nandita Das]. It felt good to see kids on screen your age and having crushes on people twice and thrice their age. You knew people like that, you thought it was cute in a stupid way. And at that age, I was blissfully unaware of the more-suitable-for-adults disgusting bits in the movie, so it thankfully wasn’t where I ‘grew up’ out of disgust.

The girls in the movie were totally nothing compared to the ‘hottie’ kinds from Bishop Cottons and Frank Anthony and Sophia’s who your male classmates drooled over at Paulfest, SEEK, Manav and the other zillion fests you attended (while you passed snide remarks to them and teased them to no end while you and your group of girls sneakily checked out the college-age fest organizers) that you didn’t believe someone’d buy a rose off them, and you wondered where Nagesh Kukunoor had picked them. Surely it can’t have been for their acting abilities… they hammed their way through the few lines they had, and their expressions were as convincing as a Congressman.

Anyway I looked up the girl who played Malathi in the movie. Her name is Ulrika Krishnamurthy and she seems to have a lot more about her on the Net now, including model-looking pics… just goes on to show ‘beauty’ is something made, not what you’re born with.

But heck, I’ve not been able to find anything about the two boys who played the leads – Rohan Dey who played Rajesh Naidu, and Kailash Atmanathan who played Selva. Their names are not as unique as Ulrika’s, and Google’s results for them are swamped with ‘actor profiles’ for them on various websites which don’t have anything apart from their names. There seems no tangible results for them on social networking sites either. No news articles, neither from back then nor recent ones where they’ve done something like, say, act in a play and the reporter covering the event points to them as ‘that kid who acted in Rockford‘. What, did they just disappear?

So, um, any idea what happened to these lads? Did they get busy with JEE prep soon after the movie and become Industrial Engineers? Or, like Josh Saviano who played Paul Pfeiffer in The Wonder Years was rumoured to have grown up to be Marilyn Manson, did they lead wild crazy lives which for some weird reason escaped media scrutiny? Did they go into pure sciences due to which they don’t have and don’t need LinkedIn profiles? Or was there a mistake in their 10th standard CBSE admit cards due to which they are now known by different names? [True story, happened to someone a friend of mine knows]. Or did they get famous under a different name now?

If you who are reading this are Rohan Dey or Kailash Atmanathan or someone who knows them, please please leave a comment… I’m really curious and interested to know what’s up with them!

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21 Responses to Nostalgic ’90s Bleg – What Happened to The Boys Of Rockford?

  1. supreeth says:

    Rohan Dey seems to be a Production Assistant now. That’s what his IMBD profile says.

    No clue about Kailash Atmanathan

    BTW your blog is already ranking for keyword searched for both these guys. Brace yourself for some heavy traffic. 🙂

  2. Ashish says:

    Hey even fb seems to be missin dem…….sad

  3. Meme says:

    Kailash and Ulrika were my seniors in Gitanjali schooL Hyderabad. Probably the same batch.

  4. Rhea Srivastava says:

    Don’t know if you’re still looking for them, but I found Kailash. Here’s his LinkedIn Profile –

    Says he went to ISB and is now Assistant Manager – Marketing for Star India Pvt. Ltd.

    That’s kinda cool, I guess. At least he’s still in media in a way. The photograph still has an uncanny resemblance I’d say. Donchya think?

  5. Rhea Srivastava says:

    Ok, i’m a bit OCD so I’m on a friggin roll today. Rohan Dey is from Campion School, Mumbai. And I found his phone number! And his Birthday. :-/

    Anyway, this is his linkedin profile –

    and this is his facebook profile –

    He got married last year! And he works for Eureka Forbes.

    Now you may thank me. 😀

  6. Amit Borana says:

    am a big fan of Rockford too, since i was 8 when the movie released..its funny that i watch this movie once in every 6 moths…may be more, i was curious about the actors too, i love them all they touched my heart n still continuous to do it…i searched Google Facebook and every possible sits…came across few people…Rohan is married and works in eureka Forbes , suhail bajaj(raj) is married to recently , ulrika is still an actress ,she worked in few south movies i guess, kailash- i just found few pictures of clue what he does, imran (david) is still an actor now , he did few Hollywood movies i guess and a role in american tv show.. i found rohan and suhail in Facebook today…sent them a request…i don’t like that all this actors are not getting the appreciation or recognition which they deserve..but i will always respect and appreciate for the work they have doe…i have studied in catholic boys school n i so much relate to this move…and mr”wanderlust” thank you…i liked this blog of yours 🙂

  7. SS613 says: (this is the profile of Kailash Atmanathan)
    You have already found the linkedin profile of Rohan and Kailash. (the profile of Rohan Dey) (the profile of Suhail Bajaj)
    Ulrika is also married. (profile of Suhail Bajaj)

  8. Devaki says:

    hey id also liked another guy in the movie… their senior…by the name of David Fischer… wiki says his name was Imran Mirza…searched for him on Google but got nothing!
    any idea where he is now?

  9. Here is Ulrika’s Facebook page – Her new movie The Anushree Experiments will be released some time this year in India. She lives and acts quite frequently in the London theatre scene.

  10. Imran Mirza says:

    IMDB has it all wrong!!! I haven’t acted in some obscure Hollywood films.

  11. Ram B says:

    Very fortunately, Mr. Kailash Aathamanathan is my ex-colleague ( In Pune) and one of my best friend and philosopher. Now he lives in Hyderdabad, he recently ( few months back) married and planning to settle in Singapore.

    I believe all the character in the movie and these guys in real life are quire resembling in nature. Kailash is very good person in real life and very helpful.

  12. Arjun Prabhu says:

    I came across the twitter account of Rohan Dey. I think its the same one.

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