Wester Hogi, Easter Bunny

I’m moving to New York City. And after three years, Tuna Fish and I will be on the same timezone, and we’ll be in the same state for the first time since we started our first jobs after graduation.

I’ll be starting on a fulltime job real soon. From what they’ve told me and what I’ve read online, it seems to be a fulfilling workplace which will give me fun work to do and still manage to leave enough time for other fun stuff. And I’ll be by myself in a big city, and hope to find enough fun activities to fill my time. Then I have a 30-minute travel to and from work, for which I’ll in all probability be using public transport. I’m hoping big city life and crowded streets bring back the color to my cheeks, so what if it’s a smoky gray from all the pollution. And all this is supreme blogging fodder, so I’ll probably break the writer’s block that has plagued me since October.

I’ve had a lot of life-changing stuff happening to me in the months between summer and now. I hope to blog about some of the bloggable ones. There are plenty of untended drafts, and I’ll publish a few of them soon.

It’s late now and I need to sleep; I’ll be flying from the southwest tip of the US (well, nearly… just a couple of hours from the Mexican border) to the northeast (see title! translate from kannada!), and that’s going to be a long long flight for which I need to be well-rested. I find myself unable to sleep because of the overpowering waves of nostalgia washing over me, and the excitement that tomorrow and the weeks that follow will bring.

I couldn’t have gotten over the past few months without people here – My advisor Prof. Alex Ihler who’s supported me through my crazy travails and helped me do my first bit of solid research work, my pals Ishwar, Meghana and Shobhit who’ve made the past few months real fun for me, and my wonderful wonderful roommates Shanaz, Anu, Vidya and Shamita who’ve seriously been the nicest, funnest, most helpful bunch of people to live with. And of course, my aunts Uma and Usha who over the past couple of years have given me the solidest advice I’ve ever taken, my akka and athimber and darling nephews who’ve kept things so normal and fun for me. Folks who’ve always just been a call away when I’ve walked back from lab at odd hours, and who’ve calmed me down and given me perspective whenever it felt like things have gotten out of hand….. Bigshow, Karthik, Mohan, Abhilash, Logik.. and my gal pals who’ve just been an email away for fun gossip and serious talk and who I trust more than anything else.. Tuna, Shruthi, Swati, Pooney. And it’d be incomplete if I don’t mention the fun set of people that keep me sane… Merin, Siri, Zibsko, Ego, Suresh-sir, Quale.

Note: I’m writing this at darned 2am, with a 9am flight in the morning. If you’re gonna be mad about my not mentioning you here, I’m sorry for forgetting your name in a sleepy nostalgic stupor, but heck, if you really care that much, you’d give me a darned break for that.

And none of this would have even been fathomable if it weren’t for my parents. They’ve brought me up to be self-reliant, ambitious and determined. And they’ve supported me more than they could through every crazy thing I went through all this while so that I could be all of those things with little worries otherwise. There’s this old Mindry.in sketch where some guy is asked in a job interview about his philosophy towards work and he  says ‘Mother is the first teacher’. While it seems obnoxious to quote mindry.in while talking about such a serious thing, I’m so at a loss for words, that it seems the only appropriate thing to say right now, when I feel my parents’ pride in me.

Alrighty. Next blogpost from the East Coast. I’ll whine about the weather, and soon begin to look down on the west coast’s informality, their weird food like avocados, and their utter lack of good public transport.

Over and out.

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7 Responses to Wester Hogi, Easter Bunny

  1. Arjun says:

    “Mother is only the first teacher”

    Good luck-amma. Don’t accept kind, insist on cash salary. Channagi kelsa maaDu; haage anta tumba maaDakke hogbeDa. It doesn’t matter that much.

    Also, I take umbrage at it being considered obnoxious to quote us on serious matters.

  2. S says:

    Good luck. 🙂

  3. S P Suresh says:

    Yay!!! I find a mention in your famous, famous blog!!! It’s very kind of you to mention me … though it’s not clear what I did! It’s always been super fun to talk to you, and I hope to continue doing it!

    And now, in the periyavaa-sthaanam (:P), I wish you all success in your new work, and peace and fulfilment and happiness in life! 🙂

  4. gautshen says:

    Hey, All the Best! I am sure you will love the new city.

    BTW, can this move mean “Big Apple keeps the doctorate away” ?!

  5. Tuna Fish says:

    You should have used urajat’s “Easter Bunny/ Wester BreadLA” even if it doesn’t make sense. And yay!

  6. Siri (@pjux) says:

    Such an important, eventful phase this is! I’m very very excited for you 🙂
    Waiting to hear more stories. And yes, so glad you’re writing again! WHEEE!

  7. Cecile says:

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    aree genuinly remarkable for people knowledge,
    well, keep upp thee nice work fellows.

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