The tired sun slowly descends into the golden sea, watching silhouettes lock in a passionate kiss. The tide recklessly rises and the island of rocks is nowhere to be seen.

A majestic lonely castle on an island in the vast ocean opens on the screen with fire works in the back ground. And then letter by letter the title appears above it on the huge screen.

Early morning, the folded newspaper lies besides a cup of tea. One the third page is a woman in black gleaming with a man with a lopsided smile.

A huge red carpet awaits in silent anticipation for the black limousine to draw upto it. The door slowly opens and the star walks out while there is an outbreak of camera flashes all around.

One last twist of the spatula. A splash of milk on the curry. Few leaves of coriander. The dish is closed for the dinner outside. The aroma drifts away.

A waiter pushes the laced food cart below the glass chandeliers in the dim room as the well suited man breaks to a thin smile to the deal well closed.

Mice scurry on the wet cobble stones on a dark street. A man stops to the clicketty clack of a tonga. The window slides open as a gun cocks. The man falls down dead.

The empty credits roll up as the organ gnarls away.

About Tuna Fish

Not one more of these again!!!
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