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Lernen zu lernen

When you’re among too many smart people for too long, it’s easy to come to the conclusion you’re stupid. That happened to me – JEE coaching, undergrad, first job, gradschool. Now when you feel this way, it can go one … Continue reading

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Things on my mind

I tried writing a full-length blogpost on most or all of these topics, but somehow lost my way. So here they are, summarized and all together Pride I went to NYC Pride a few weeks ago. Usually, when ‘Pride’ is … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake… no… scratch that.

So you’re starving. Like, really starving. But you’ve kind of made your peace with it. You’ve even stopped thinking about it much. And then someone calls you to say hey, there’s cake, and we’re giving it to you. So you … Continue reading

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