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Clearing my head

There’s so much to do, just so much to do. Holiday season is so stressful, especially if you’re moving across the country during it. Especially if you have to rely on a ton of other people for it. Two-body problems … Continue reading

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Love Letters to New York – Astoria

I used to share a tiny, tiny place on the Upper East side. I knew the moment I moved in that I shouldn’t let this last. I househunted extensively. I wanted a place not more than thirty minutes from work. … Continue reading

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To all the Indian LGBT activists out there…

So yes, it was tragic about Section 377. I was very enraged. Still am, but I want to do something more constructive than raise my blood pressure about it. If nothing, I want to be more informed about ground realities. … Continue reading

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Vrugte en Groente

I like talking to strangers. Especially fleeting encounters. I’m really curious about how others live their lives, to the point of being intrusive on occasion. Over time, of course, that’s gotten tempered down with a grumpy ‘everyone is the same, … Continue reading

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