To all the Indian LGBT activists out there…

So yes, it was tragic about Section 377. I was very enraged. Still am, but I want to do something more constructive than raise my blood pressure about it. If nothing, I want to be more informed about ground realities.

So here are a few questions I have. Please answer them as best as you can.

* For an average Indian in a major city, how accessible are LGBT support groups? How easy are they to find? What sort of advertizing do these groups undertake?
* How significant are Pride parades in India? For e.g. in New York, LGBT wings of various organizations take out floats to advertise. Politicians use them as platforms as well to announce their support to the community. What do you expect out of Indian Pride parades?
* What is the mentality of the average urban Indian towards LGBT causes? I see the usual arguments of ‘it’s disgusting’, ‘it is unnatural’, ‘against Indian culture’ put forth. What is the level of prevalence of these sorts of opinions?
* Which regions of India are the freest or most ‘happening’ as far as being LGBT is concerned?
* What is the mentality in rural India? Are attitudes as conservative as it would seem to my urban eyes?
* How easy is it for a gay individual in rural India to live life according to their terms?
* On average, what is the level of ‘out’-ness of homosexuals in India? I wouldn’t expect anyone to be out at their workplace, but what is the rate of being out to family? To friends?
* What sort of measures are being carried out to raise awareness in urban India? In rural India?
* What according to you is the biggest challenge in repealing antiquated laws?
* Is there an effort to liaison/lobby with politicians towards LGBT causes?
* How powerful are organizations in helping individuals facing discrimination (for e.g. at their workplace) due to their gender/sexuality?
* Is it easier or harder for a woman to come out versus a man?
* What would be the one silver bullet that would make your job easier overnight?

I understand these are a lot of questions, and a lot of them very generic with no short answer. Feel free to answer as much as you can. Share it with your friends as well, because I’d really like some perspective.

Last but not the least, have hope. It’s a long battle everywhere. Soldier on. You have plenty more support now than you previously did.

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just your average books-and-music person who wants to change the world.
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