Vote for the funny fellas at Mindry.In.

I’ve been a longtime fangirl of anything that Mindry.In comes up with. I love the sense of humor that Harish and Arjun from there have, and would love to see more of it out in the world than just as private jokes and videos shared among a few thousand of us.

You remember Rashmi Bansal? She’s come up with this pretty nice concept. Publish a couple of chapters of a book on a blog, have people vote on it, and the ones with the most votes get published as physical books. Nice, no?

So Arjun and Harish have their book, India 2020  – Exodus to Utopia up there. It’s a really good book, a really nice and complete history of India, its politics, politicians, movies, sports and whatever else there is to summarize about India. Being the modest South Bangaloreans that they are, they are shy to promote themselves. Irrespective, do a good deed, and read the book here.  It won’t be entirely unselfish of you either, because those are some damn funny chapters excerpted out there. Do read, and do vote for their book.

This book in bookstores would make a lot of folks very happy. Help them  get there!

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