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Not one more of these again!!!

How should we communicate science?

Hats off to the coursera guys and hat tip to wanderlust, I recently took up writing in the sciencesĀ  by Prof Kristin Sainani. (I would highly recommend the website aka check it to know how good it is). This was … Continue reading

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The tired sun slowly descends into the golden sea, watching silhouettes lock in a passionate kiss. The tide recklessly rises and the island of rocks is nowhere to be seen. A majestic lonely castle on an island in the vast … Continue reading

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Look Book

For reading her for more than four years, for picking too many ideas from her and simply for documentation, I’ll copy Garance Dore’s post on the evolution of her style and nod. Like most girls, my first and the biggest … Continue reading

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How wouldyu like your sub?

Some cold afternoon, existential questions like “Nand ell idli?” pops into your mind and you look around for the nearest Tim Horton’s cafe around. Your friend says “You are too hungry and the day is too long for just a … Continue reading

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as u lyk it

i dun knw y i wnt 2 englis clss. i dnt knw y i trd to scr mrks.i shda nvr hv rd mny bks. it klld ma ri8g. i cnt knw wht ma frnds wrt on ma fb wll. i … Continue reading

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Just imagine that you found that perfect gadget or dress or jacket or something else in the shop window. That thing which you have been searching for ages and never found anything as exact. You immediately rush in and buy … Continue reading

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Baby, You’re a rich man!

Apparently, art is the best way to reflect life of the times. When most of us have Facebook tab open all day andĀ  keep checking updates every few minutes, imagine what we could give the pool. Hmph! Imagine taping how … Continue reading

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