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Return of the Writing Bug

I stopped writing here nearly two years ago. That was around the same time as I’d moved to the Bay Area. My life began revolving around work. And the rest of what constituted my life had little to do with … Continue reading

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Acht-tung, baby

This blog turned eight three days ago. I didn’t feel like updating it then because I was in pain. Thanks for asking, I’m better now. So am I excited as usual? Not really, not this time ’round. There’s not been … Continue reading

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Lucky Number Seven

Our blog turns seven today. I really don’t know what to put in here which I haven’t already said in the past seven years. This past year has been the one year where a lot of things have changed in … Continue reading

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No, this post is not about cricket. It is instead about this blog turning six years old. It now needs to be enrolled in school, told to not talk too much, and needs to learn how to face the big … Continue reading

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Longvage Rage

Everybody acts like angry-angry these days. Everytime I open the shoshal medias minns, some hajaar ‘rage’ links I am the finding. The Kongas will rage minns everyone is monkey-see–monkey–doing, with all the stick-figure comics itsimms. Even small child in nursery … Continue reading

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Minestrone Soup again

Food-related title. The past couple of months have been all about food. I delight in eating, and have developed a most unhealthy habit of random cravings at unearthly hours of the day and night. I’m at some level thankful for … Continue reading

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Bleg: Soliciting feel-good blogposts from all over

So a bunch of folks I know at IIMB (and me, sorta) are beginning this new venture. A blook. (Blog + Book, for the uninitiated) Except that it’s not going to be written by just one blogger. Their model is … Continue reading

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No, not the most-watched yet-unreleased movie by Anurag Kashyap starring Tejaswini Kolhapure and Kay Kay Menon. It’s time for the annual self-congratulatory pat on the back, for not giving up on this venture for 365 additional days. Yes, The NITK … Continue reading

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An Open Request To Bangalore Mirror: Stop Lifting My Content.

I put in a lot of my life and soul into this blog. That is no secret. I also put in a lot of personal content into this blog. They have in the past led to OMGWTF sort of situations … Continue reading

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Plagiarism 2.0 – From Email Fwd to Full-length film

I guess this end of the blogosphere now knows all about the Lavanya Mohan – Charukesh Sekar story. Poor Lavanya, down with Charukesh and Vichar Hari yada yada. I’m surprised only one person has yet accused Lavanya of having her … Continue reading

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How Wanderlust got WordPressed, Distressed, and got her WordPress Account Back

I had been maintaining a rather quiet existence when all of a sudden, on Thursday, people were pinging me asking what I did this time to violate the Terms of Service. This very neatly escaped my notice as I … Continue reading

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Intermittent Writer’s Block

I have half-a-dozen drafts very close to completion. I just can’t seem to find the patience to do that. They are on various topics – fairness creams, national integration, some of the stuff I had said in my innocent childhood … Continue reading

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Fabtastic Four

So this blog officially turns four today, the 10th of May. This post is written to commemorate that. And reflect. At this particular moment, my mind is a mire of chaotic thoughts all of which are competing to be penned … Continue reading

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Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend

If you landed here searching for ‘Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend’ or variations of the same, please pause a few moments to answer the following questions for me in the comments section below. Please. Pretty Please. Is this your first time searching … Continue reading

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Yet another new beginning

There’s always something we want to change about ourselves or our lifestyles. But it’s not just any day when you decide to make a huge list of changes. And that’s where I’m rather glad I live in India. New Years … Continue reading

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An epiphany about wasting time on the Net

This just occurred to me. Maybe you who’s reading this knew this for ages, but when Aamir Khan reads about dyslexia ages after Arun Shourie established a special school [Ok, not too sure about the establishment bit… but I think … Continue reading

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Posts I want to write… and Open Thread

I’m hard-pressed for time now. Actually no. I can surely make time for blogging. But then I choose not to owing to a few reasons… including my extreme lethargy. Anyways… here are post ideas that occur to me, and which … Continue reading

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LK Advani begins blogging

Well well well…. I began four years earlier than him 🙂 So this is the link to his blog : This move of Mr. Advani gives RSS feeds a whole new meaning 😉 It’s really great to have a … Continue reading

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New Photoblog

So I was wasting away reading the feeds I subscribe to, when I came across the tale of tale of this guy who clicked pictures every day for eighteen years. And he quit only because he died. Made me think … Continue reading

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The post that would have been…

Has it ever happened to you that you wrote a decidedly awesome post, one that voiced your view on a hitherto not-much-debated topic, and just as you were wondering whether to hit submit or not,  got into a conversation with … Continue reading

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