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Return of the Writing Bug

I stopped writing here nearly two years ago. That was around the same time as I’d moved to the Bay Area. My life began revolving around work. And the rest of what constituted my life had little to do with … Continue reading

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Acht-tung, baby

This blog turned eight three days ago. I didn’t feel like updating it then because I was in pain. Thanks for asking, I’m better now. So am I excited as usual? Not really, not this time ’round. There’s not been … Continue reading

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Lucky Number Seven

Our blog turns seven today. I really don’t know what to put in here which I haven’t already said in the past seven years. This past year has been the one year where a lot of things have changed in … Continue reading

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No, this post is not about cricket. It is instead about this blog turning six years old. It now needs to be enrolled in school, told to not talk too much, and needs to learn how to face the big … Continue reading

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Longvage Rage

Everybody acts like angry-angry these days. Everytime I open the shoshal medias minns, some hajaar ‘rage’ links I am the finding. The Kongas will rage minns everyone is monkey-see–monkey–doing, with all the stick-figure comics itsimms. Even small child in nursery … Continue reading

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Minestrone Soup again

Food-related title. The past couple of months have been all about food. I delight in eating, and have developed a most unhealthy habit of random cravings at unearthly hours of the day and night. I’m at some level thankful for … Continue reading

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Bleg: Soliciting feel-good blogposts from all over

So a bunch of folks I know at IIMB (and me, sorta) are beginning this new venture. A blook. (Blog + Book, for the uninitiated) Except that it’s not going to be written by just one blogger. Their model is … Continue reading

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