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Satya Nadella as CEO – good thing, or great thing?

As you might have heard, Satya Nadella is now the CEO of Microsoft. As an NITKian, I’m outraged that a guy from down the highway from my alma mater made it before any of my seniors did. As left-leaners, some … Continue reading

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I’ve had a most wonderful weekend. A couple of months back, I’d  been to a Norah Jones concert at this little town in Westchester county called Tarrytown. It was a great discovery by a friend of a friend’s, especially since … Continue reading

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Google Plus, San Francisco and everything else

The past couple of weeks have been quite eventful. For one thing, Google released its Facebook-killer in a very very swift and well-planned move. For another, I finally got to see San Francisco thanks to this very nice cousin of … Continue reading

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CS-boom-de-ah-dah OR I Love Computer Science.

So I chanced up on this Youtube vid of Discovery Channel’s ‘The World is Awesome’.  XKCD had its own lyrics to it. Someone (actually many someones) made videos of it. Given that the original is a camping song called I … Continue reading

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Your impression of people are mercurial. It depends on the how you met, when you met, your mental state, their mental state. It depends on events that took place subsequently, how each event went, who were present there how influential … Continue reading

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The Mandatory Google Buzz Whine

I am totally totally totally peeved with Google Buzz. I hate it like I have hated no other website on the Internet. I think I liked the “Most Irritating Website”  [You’ve seen it and linked a dozen friends to it, … Continue reading

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Happy Today!

For one thing I’ve never understood the hullabaloo behind the New Year celebrations. What if they had decided to shift the origin of the earth’s orbit by a few extra rotations. And after all a circle has no start or … Continue reading

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Wrestling multi-armed bandits: How do I… filter stuff from Google Reader?

For those of you who don’t know, I trip on Google Reader. Multiple reasons. To start with, there were a lot of things I missed out on by virtue of ignorance, while at NITK. So I subscribe left right and … Continue reading

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Eureka! Eureka!

WARNING: Maybe Extreme Tech for your taste! ————————————————————————————————————————— So, I just found a way to make contact lenses! Im not sure if this is the normal way they make them. To fit the lenses, or to get better vision, you … Continue reading

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On Rationalizing and aberrations.

So you have a system. All you want to do is judge how the individuality of the components compares to certain norms. You determine what contributes to achieving the particular goal that the system needs to. And then judge how … Continue reading

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Tell me. In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the characters keep traveling back and forth in time, i.e. keep changing their (x,y,z,t). Or, the author keeps juggling them through and in between space-time co-ordinates. Notice that at no … Continue reading

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An epiphany about wasting time on the Net

This just occurred to me. Maybe you who’s reading this knew this for ages, but when Aamir Khan reads about dyslexia ages after Arun Shourie established a special school [Ok, not too sure about the establishment bit… but I think … Continue reading

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Never ask a man his wage…

“What’s your package like?” “Oh…. seems like java.awt.event.ActionEvent” Credits: Maloo

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Help!!!! GMail Unblocked All My Blocked Contacts

Well, thanks to my GMail chat settings changing at random, I have a sizeable number of blocked contacts. And all of a sudden today, ALL my blocked contacts came unblocked. It didn’t seem like a random mistake I might have … Continue reading

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How do you self-study?

So I want to read up on, say, natural language processing now. I have access to a million different blogs on the topic, and as many journals and papers on the topic… basically whatever’s on the Internet, apart from the … Continue reading

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Gmail’s Acting Funny! Somebody Help! And Fast!

For the past six months, I’ve been having a strange problem. So I use GMail for all my emailing. Like a lot of other folks. I interact with a lot of people I don’t add on to my chat list. … Continue reading

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So I have unlimited broadband, and freedom from Ironport. Installed Hardy Heron aka Ubuntu 8.04 inspite of dissuasion from TheG. I simply had to… Firefox kept crashing on Gutsy (that’s the second-latest release of Ubuntu – Ubuntu 7.10 – Gutsy … Continue reading

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