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How wouldyu like your sub?

Some cold afternoon, existential questions like “Nand ell idli?” pops into your mind and you look around for the nearest Tim Horton’s cafe around. Your friend says “You are too hungry and the day is too long for just a … Continue reading

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Just imagine that you found that perfect gadget or dress or jacket or something else in the shop window. That thing which you have been searching for ages and never found anything as exact. You immediately rush in and buy … Continue reading

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Ms Feather-light

There is this type of women or girls I keep running into from time to time. I call them Ms. Feather-light. This speciesĀ  is almost always camouflaged as the strong-confident-career types who can take the world with the tip of … Continue reading

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Koyaanisqatsi or something like it.

After a rather good summer, which began getting on my nerves as it drew in to a close, it’s been valorous attempts to get back into the groove. While I was definitely putting slog throughout the summer, that sort of … Continue reading

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It seems to be ages since there was a cheerful post on this page. We’ve changed the theme here for the sake of it. Rubric was nice and elegant, and I really love the pen next to the title, but … Continue reading

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Your impression of people are mercurial. It depends on the how you met, when you met, your mental state, their mental state. It depends on events that took place subsequently, how each event went, who were present there how influential … Continue reading

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The past one month has been one long psychedelic trip. A lot of what I’ve been involved in is speculation. Not blogworthy material. Nothing blogworthy seems to have happened to me for quite some time now. Either that, or I’ve … Continue reading

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