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Feeling is Easy

I have said it over and over. And I’ll say it again. Properly this time. I love the music of Norah Jones. I don’t know what about it appeals to me (and a few million others worldwide). It’s the sheer … Continue reading

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Talent and Bad Behaviour

Growing up, I was subjected to Carnatic music classes, like most children in my neighborhood. I grew up resenting it all. I don’t as such hate the music part of it. I love what I’ve got from Carnatic music… the … Continue reading

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Lucia, Introversion, Jazz, and a movie idea

I seem to return to blogging whenever life feels out of control. It usually manifests such that I stay up all night avoiding something I’ll have to do anyway, and in order to distract myself, I blog. Not a bad … Continue reading

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Music for me in 2012

Like I’ll probably never tire of saying, I moved to New York City in 2012. Among other things, I discovered that a lot of concerts happen in the area. I don’t anymore have to worry about getting back late. And … Continue reading

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Maok Pi Naok? From Cambodia, with love and Dengue Fever.

I came across this song called¬†New Year’s Eve from this band called Dengue Fever. It sounded like the background music a movie set in Hong Kong in the kitschy ’60s and ’70s with a theme around young people directed by … Continue reading

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I’ve had a most wonderful weekend. A couple of months back, I’d ¬†been to a Norah Jones concert at this little town in Westchester county called Tarrytown. It was a great discovery by a friend of a friend’s, especially since … Continue reading

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Bleg: MTV India version of A Little Less Conversation, pretty please?

I was watching some Youtube clip of Ocean’s Eleven, and the next one on the playlist was A Little Less Conversation with clips from the movie. And the next related one was the Elvis vs JXL version of A Little … Continue reading

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Playlist: part 1

I suppose I am about to embark on another music exploring extravaganza. All thanks to DC++. And Its about time I compiled a list of songs which are, or atleast find compelling. 1. Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now: Found her … Continue reading

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Bond of seven births etc

Yusuf Khan’s screen name was Dilip Kumar. He married Saira Bano. AR Rehman’s name used to be Dilip Kumar. He too married a Saira Bano. Maybe we really were on to something when we played FLAMES in middle school.

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Mettu Podu – Alltime favorites by Rehman

You are warned. Long Post Ahead. I’m pretty sure every urban South Indian has one of these. Quite obviously… Rahman would score music for all those feel-good flicks that would be megahits. And even if they were not, the music … Continue reading

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Maestro Musings

After a long time, I watched the video of the remixed, hip-hop song Madai Thiranthu by Yogi B and Natchathira. When I watched it for the first time, the beginning didn’t make sense to me. One guy says, “Inna, Raja-saar?“. … Continue reading

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Yet another instance of irony.

So I have a fair amount of good stuff on my comp thanks to NITK’s LAN. But if you have 10 GB of music, you surely cannot listen to everything regularly. I wanted to see what I’d been missing out … Continue reading

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Song Stuck In My Head

Rash of that happening since Friday. I’ll probably do a more elaborate post as soon as I can. This is a placeholder… if I mark this a ‘draft’, it’ll never get done. Watch this space. And if you’re reading this … Continue reading

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A Second Helping of Minestrone

Hmm… I’ve been writing a lot of obscure posts of late… much more than usual anyway. Guess it has something to do with the large number of non-disclosure agreements I’ve signed, the even larger number of documents marked ‘Confidential’ I’ve … Continue reading

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Baaje Bansuri Sunaho Chaurasia (Or, Why I like SPICMACAY concerts better)

Just came back from my second Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia Concert. Distaste for the way this concert was being organized was ringing in the back of my head through out. I feel SPICMACAY ones would give it a run for its … Continue reading

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Last Inci – First Day. And farewell to S. Rangarajan aka Sujatha

Now Listening to: Some darn good fusion version of Raghuvamsha Sudha by an unknown artiste. The day started off not very good, and YouKnowWhoYouAre (I suppose you prefer you_know_who_you_are), if it’s any consolation, I feel really horrible about how I … Continue reading

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Now this is what I call Indipop

The sky is blue. Cats eat rats. And I am a big fan of ’90s Indian non-filmi non-remixed music. I’ve been wanting to do a post on Indipop/Indi-rock for quite a while now, and somehow the universe reminded me of … Continue reading

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Bathroom Singing… Reloaded!

It’s a universal phenomenon. Bathroom singing is. Spread worldwide. Transcends everyone. Why, Kishore Kumar was recognized as a good singer only after when SD Burman heard him sing in the shower. Apparently, there’s a bathroom in Nrityagram called the Singing … Continue reading

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Galileo Figaro Magnifico aka Scaramouche, Scaramouche, Will You do the Fandango?

Dear Friends, Sub: My Melacholy Blues I’ve been doing a Bohemian Rhapsody about how life is so bleddy boring, about lazing on a Sunday afternoon and all that related nonsense, of late. I’ve been going Ga Ga without the Radio, … Continue reading

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Carrying on from here, I haven’t had a peaceful moment inside my head for ages. No time to plot and plan. There’s always been something else around the corner that has demanded my immediate attention. And inevitably, without plotting and … Continue reading

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