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Happy Today!

For one thing I’ve never understood the hullabaloo behind the New Year celebrations. What if they had decided to shift the origin of the earth’s orbit by a few extra rotations. And after all a circle has no start or … Continue reading

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Yet another new beginning

There’s always something we want to change about ourselves or our lifestyles. But it’s not just any day when you decide to make a huge list of changes. And that’s where I’m rather glad I live in India. New Years … Continue reading

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New Photoblog

So I was wasting away reading the feeds I subscribe to, when I came across the tale of tale of this guy who clicked pictures every day for eighteen years. And he quit only because he died. Made me think … Continue reading

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Baaje Bansuri Sunaho Chaurasia (Or, Why I like SPICMACAY concerts better)

Just came back from my second Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia Concert. Distaste for the way this concert was being organized was ringing in the back of my head through out. I feel SPICMACAY ones would give it a run for its … Continue reading

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A Bitchy start to a doggone morning

(Only thumbnails of images are on the post. For clearer images, click on the thumbnail). So I end up taking pictures of birds one evening. There are the usual constraints – bird too high up the tree, bird too camouflaged … Continue reading

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Wildlife Photography à la Girls Block

My first year at NITK was a lesson-of-sorts. Coming straight from the urban jungle, it was at first unnerving to see little black worms with yellow markings all over the place, or watch snakes slither before your very eyes, or … Continue reading

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Point-And-Shoot 101 – Bangalore In Bloom and a pinch of Irony

Well, from the frequency of my blogging in the past couple of months can be derived the level of my keeping busy. And I discovered that calling Bangalore a Garden City isn’t quite a misnomer. Here’s proof which I collected … Continue reading

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