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“Engineer-ku abuse thaangaada?” Kaatru Veliyidai and abusive relationships

I watched Kaatru Veliyidai with my husband last night. He, being from the opposite end of the world from Mani Ratnam, wasn’t very familiar with Mani-saar movies, and wondered why this was something I would watch with such excitement, much less … Continue reading

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School For Girls

Everything I read or write these days seems to be Heavy. It’s almost like everyone’s lost the ability to just muse about small things. Everything has to be about ebola or Hamas or ISIS or something. So here’s a lightweight ‘It … Continue reading

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English, August – A Decade Later

Earlier today, I was watching Kevin Spacey’s Shipping News. It’s about a guy who moves to Newfoundland and builds a new life after his wife’s death and his parents’ suicide. It reminded me of Upamanyu Chatterjee’s English, August. Strange, because English, August is quite the reverse. … Continue reading

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Annual April Blues

Ever since I’ve started blogging, or, possibly, started at NITK, April is when I’m at my most morose. I don’t know why. This year is exacerbated by virtue of being in a city known for gloomy skies. I also suspect … Continue reading

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Lots of space, a lot less needling.

I moved from the Greater NY Area to the Greater Seattle Area exactly two years after I moved from the Greater Los Angeles Area to the Greater NY Area. It left my nerves frayed. First of all, I’ve never had … Continue reading

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Things I don’t do anymore

I seem to cringe a lot reading old emails, old blogposts, old tweets, or looking at old photographs and videos. Everyone does, I suppose. My past self seems alien to me at some level, and embarrassing at another. It’ll be … Continue reading

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Awesome things to do when you’re not so much of a tourist in NYC

I moved to New York City soon after New Year. And then seem to have disappeared into a black hole. Neither have I been blogging my exploits, nor have I taken the trouble to upload photographic evidence of my presence … Continue reading

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