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“Engineer-ku abuse thaangaada?” Kaatru Veliyidai and abusive relationships

I watched Kaatru Veliyidai with my husband last night. He, being from the opposite end of the world from Mani Ratnam, wasn’t very familiar with Mani-saar movies, and wondered why this was something I would watch with such excitement, much less … Continue reading

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School For Girls

Everything I read or write these days seems to be Heavy. It’s almost like everyone’s lost the ability to just muse about small things. Everything has to be about ebola or Hamas or ISIS or something. So here’s a lightweight ‘It … Continue reading

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English, August – A Decade Later

Earlier today, I was watching Kevin Spacey’s Shipping News. It’s about a guy who moves to Newfoundland and builds a new life after his wife’s death and his parents’ suicide. It reminded me of Upamanyu Chatterjee’s English, August. Strange, because English, August is quite the reverse. … Continue reading

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Annual April Blues

Ever since I’ve started blogging, or, possibly, started at NITK, April is when I’m at my most morose. I don’t know why. This year is exacerbated by virtue of being in a city known for gloomy skies. I also suspect … Continue reading

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Lots of space, a lot less needling.

I moved from the Greater NY Area to the Greater Seattle Area exactly two years after I moved from the Greater Los Angeles Area to the Greater NY Area. It left my nerves frayed. First of all, I’ve never had … Continue reading

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Things I don’t do anymore

I seem to cringe a lot reading old emails, old blogposts, old tweets, or looking at old photographs and videos. Everyone does, I suppose. My past self seems alien to me at some level, and embarrassing at another. It’ll be … Continue reading

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Awesome things to do when you’re not so much of a tourist in NYC

I moved to New York City soon after New Year. And then seem to have disappeared into a black hole. Neither have I been blogging my exploits, nor have I taken the trouble to upload photographic evidence of my presence … Continue reading

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Just another attempt at beating Writer’s Block

I leave in the afternoon for a location that shall remain unnamed. All I can say is I’m dressing warm. I’m pretty paranoid about saying stuff online that might be in someway linked to my professional identity. The US is … Continue reading

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The longest bus ride evah

This happened in that moonshiney period between 11th and 12th. You can say it happened in the holidays after the 1st PU exams, but then given that I was going for JEE coaching, there was a holiday to all my … Continue reading

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Fiction-writer’s block (And what to do to get over it)

Anyone who’s done a decent amount of reading, especially when young, fancies themselves a novelist. I am no exception. I didn’t get to do much writing at school. Whatever little I did get to do, I revelled in it. Most … Continue reading

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Age is just a number. Just a number.

I had a very bad day. Very bad. I might possibly have ruined my life. No, not in the inappropriate-boyfriend-physical-relations-single-teenaged-mother way. No, actually I haven’t ruined my life. My stupidity might have made me do the best thing I could … Continue reading

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An Open Request To Bangalore Mirror: Stop Lifting My Content.

I put in a lot of my life and soul into this blog. That is no secret. I also put in a lot of personal content into this blog. They have in the past led to OMGWTF sort of situations … Continue reading

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When time did not stand still (but I did)

Expectations really change the way you perceive an experience. And I mean really. A couple of years out of school, I sort of began losing touch with my schoolmates, me being at NITK, and they all in Bangalore, and their … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays

Once upon a time after a trip to Mangalore, Logik had tweeted “Extreme paapa in previous janma = tyre seat of Bangalore-Mangalore bus”. Here’s my version: Extreme paapa in previous janma = near-toilet seat in turbulent American Airlines flight + … Continue reading

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Correlation… causation? Coincidence!

I’m back to blogging, but only for a bit. Next week is a bit hectic. But I HAD to post on this. When I was working in Bangalore, I was in a team full of young people just a few … Continue reading

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How Wanderlust got WordPressed, Distressed, and got her WordPress Account Back

I had been maintaining a rather quiet existence when all of a sudden, on Thursday, people were pinging me asking what I did this time to violate the Terms of Service. This very neatly escaped my notice as I … Continue reading

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Wrestling multi-armed bandits: How do I… filter stuff from Google Reader?

For those of you who don’t know, I trip on Google Reader. Multiple reasons. To start with, there were a lot of things I missed out on by virtue of ignorance, while at NITK. So I subscribe left right and … Continue reading

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In which my friend is likened to a Bakasurish Amoeba.

S and I have known each other ever since we can remember. We were in school together, from kindergarten to tenth. We grew up together, more or less… went through ego battles together, began sighting guys together, joked together in … Continue reading

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Vaaranam Aayiram – I’m still around

Tuesday evenings are my most unproductive. And ruin the entire week so that I’m always playing catch-up. I have a half-a-dozen drafts languishing in my WordPress account. And I really shouldn’t be away from proper blogging/writing for so long… it … Continue reading

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So Much To Say, So Much To Do…

… So little time to do it in! I’m leaving India in less than a week. I have a lot of pics to share, a lot of feelings to blog about, a lot of nostalgia to express. So many people … Continue reading

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