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How the new Internet usage paradigm has affected my mind.

It’s what we all used to laugh about. “I close a Facebook/Reddit/Twitter tab, and then open another”. “I can’t stop refreshing my GMail app”. “I open Reddit and all the links are purple”. And then I thought I got over … Continue reading

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Published in a real magazine!

Well, just the online version. But here it is: English Gave My Generation A Voice  in Swarajya Magazine. It’s where I respond to a piece in New York Times by Aatish Taseer, titled How English Ruined Indian Literature. I like how … Continue reading

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Freedom, to be.

That Delhi girl died. I don’t know if I should even be saying anything. In the time between when she was assaulted and when she passed away, I was having a good time. Lots of friends and acquaintances coming in … Continue reading

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Women in Technology and suchlike blah

Oh yay, Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo! now and what a victory for women in tech worldwide is that! Actually…. I am hovering somewhere between ‘Oh!’ and ‘Meh..’ on that. Let me elaborate. I’m a girl in computer … Continue reading

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Longvage Rage

Everybody acts like angry-angry these days. Everytime I open the shoshal medias minns, some hajaar ‘rage’ links I am the finding. The Kongas will rage minns everyone is monkey-see–monkey–doing, with all the stick-figure comics itsimms. Even small child in nursery … Continue reading

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More thoughts on racism and the like

I’ve been in a foreign country for a year-and-a-half now. The hardest part is not adjusting to the weather or food or the people. Even the accent is not hard, given we’ve all been listening to the American accent right … Continue reading

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Fiction-writer’s block (And what to do to get over it)

Anyone who’s done a decent amount of reading, especially when young, fancies themselves a novelist. I am no exception. I didn’t get to do much writing at school. Whatever little I did get to do, I revelled in it. Most … Continue reading

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