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What am I supposed to feel?

I have relatives and friends in Mumbai. Luckily they live on the outskirts, nowhere near Colaba. Though, my uncle had been to the Taj that afternoon. He returned back to base much before anything happened, thankfully. Just like he was … Continue reading

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My Flirtations with Faith and Conversations about Conversions

There used to be a time when the pseudosecularists had their way with me. I didn’t think much of Hinduism… the whole ’emphasis on rites and rituals’ didn’t go down well with me. In retrorespect, I’ll say it was just … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough.

So Obama’s Presidential Transition Team has an Indian woman now. Sonal Shah. Her appointment has sparked off a controversy. Not coz she’s Indian or anything, but because her father was closely associated with the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Some groups called … Continue reading

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Much ado about what?

So Mr. Obama is being heralded as America’s first African-American Presidential candidate. Great, but… This man is the offspring of a white woman and a Kenyan who had enough resources to pursue his higher studies abroad. Brought up largely by … Continue reading

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Ashoka – The Transition from Mass-Murder Maniac to Apostle of Peace.

We’ve read it in the history books. We’ve even watched a movie about it. We’ve heard it over and over and over again. That the Kalinga war brought about remorse for Emperor Ashoka and he took on Buddhism and changed … Continue reading

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Nehru’s Stratagem: IITs and declining student activism

Yeah, I know the title sounds very heavy, but this isn’t a serious or well-thought or well-researched post. It’s just a random thought that occurred to me now when I was arbiting looking for things that will help with this. … Continue reading

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The Swearing-At Ceremony of Narendra Modi aka When it’s wrong to be Right

Since 2002, not a single reference to Gujarat has passed without association to The Riots. It’s turned into a conditioned reflex, just like we say earthquake when we hear of Latur, or many pairs of shoes and assorted pieces of … Continue reading

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The Triumph of Truth By Repeated Assertion

Much of what I’m going to say here has been said a million times elsewhere, so I’ll keep this quick and short. So we can’t prove the existence of Maryadha Purushottam Ram. So he never existed. The Ramayana and Mahabharata … Continue reading

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Monkey Business

This, I guess, is coming out later than it should have. And most of what I am going to say has already been covered by most people on the middle pages of The New Indian Express. I fail miserably in … Continue reading

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“Bangalore’s Full!”. Yeah, I know, with my clan.

Once upon a time, when the death of a thespian caused an albeit short, but widespread rise of  ManninaMakkalu-ism in Bengalooru, I was one of those who felt we really needed to stagger entry for residence into the City if … Continue reading

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“Is India a Secular Country?”

Of late, I’ve been hearing just too much about communalism, Hindu-Muslim clashes and all that sort of thing, which brings to my mind an incident from school. It must have been the last day of the second Pre-Board exams in … Continue reading

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