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How wouldyu like your sub?

Some cold afternoon, existential questions like “Nand ell idli?” pops into your mind and you look around for the nearest Tim Horton’s cafe around. Your friend says “You are too hungry and the day is too long for just a … Continue reading

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Memory Lapse

Long time back, about ten or twelve years ago, I saw this song on Door Darshan. I think. One of those sunday morning old movie song programs.  Nutan and Dev Anand sing a very pretty tune, as they climb down … Continue reading

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Happy Today!

For one thing I’ve never understood the hullabaloo behind the New Year celebrations. What if they had decided to shift the origin of the earth’s orbit by a few extra rotations. And after all a circle has no start or … Continue reading

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Thinking Retro

Yeah, so, I have this fascination/ addiction/ devotion nearing madness for anything Retro. Music, The Beatles, The Eagles, Boney M, Bob Marley, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Stevie Wonder etc etc etc. Movies, My Fair Lady, Star Wars, Grease, Rain Man, Monty … Continue reading

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Rocket Science, Hotel Management and other B-Plans and Plan-Bs.

This post is just a spillover of a whole set of conversations that arose over the past two-three years out of sheer joblessness whose only aim was to keep words flowing with the speed of thought, whose only result was … Continue reading

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A booklist.

In one of his columns titled “Growing Up With Books In India”, Shashi Tharoor talks about his voracious reading habits. He mentions that one year he kept a journal of all the books he read [comics didn’t count] to see … Continue reading

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I got wordpressed, depressed and then got my blog back. This time, the Search Engine Optimization contest is back, and this is my entry for it. Only hope wordpress doesnt go on the warpath again: Here Goes: Shaastra Thamesportal Zalecenia … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Day

Another Teachers’ Day. Flashback to the times when we used to make “My Favorite Teacher” cards and decorate classrooms for the big day. It’s been long since then. Somehow, I feel I have never even tried to thank those teachers … Continue reading

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Wanna Woodstock

On this day, 37 years ago, was the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival at Bethel, New York. I guess you can call that a never-before-never-again event. With the sort of commercialization there is today, I don’t think there can ever … Continue reading

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“Is India a Secular Country?”

Of late, I’ve been hearing just too much about communalism, Hindu-Muslim clashes and all that sort of thing, which brings to my mind an incident from school. It must have been the last day of the second Pre-Board exams in … Continue reading

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How to do nothing when you have nothing much to do

Listening to: Title track of Freaky Chakra [crazy movie, crazy track, you can listen to it and the other songs from the soundtrack here .] It is, as Nitin reminds me, a month since our vacations began. Everyone and his brother seems to be … Continue reading

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Arachnomania, Ailurophobia

Wrote this when I was miserably bored studying Principles of Data Communication… The title has little to do with the rest of the post; Arachnomania isn’t a theme, and ailurophobia doesnt figure until the very end. Time: 1:45 am Was … Continue reading

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Writings about reading…

I’ve seen scores of pieces on what makes good writing. Haven’t yet come across any piece on how to read. Guess it is assumed that you either know how to, or don’t. If you don’t, you are assumed to be … Continue reading

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Thanks, Jo!

All that which is too dumb to be said, is sung for a dime. All that that is too dumb to be written in prose, is put in rhyme. A cluster of Not-So-Terse Verse. I walked into the bookstore nearby … Continue reading

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Molar Madness

It all started that fateful day when i crushed my brand new molar on a guava seed [yea, you heard right, guava seed, all thanks to that old advice about worm eggs masquerading as guava seeds, and hence how important … Continue reading

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