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Things I don’t do anymore

I seem to cringe a lot reading old emails, old blogposts, old tweets, or looking at old photographs and videos. Everyone does, I suppose. My past self seems alien to me at some level, and embarrassing at another. It’ll be … Continue reading

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Lucky Number Seven

Our blog turns seven today. I really don’t know what to put in here which I haven’t already said in the past seven years. This past year has been the one year where a lot of things have changed in … Continue reading

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Just another attempt at beating Writer’s Block

I leave in the afternoon for a location that shall remain unnamed. All I can say is I’m dressing warm. I’m pretty paranoid about saying stuff online that might be in someway linked to my professional identity. The US is … Continue reading

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No, this post is not about cricket. It is instead about this blog turning six years old. It now needs to be enrolled in school, told to not talk too much, and needs to learn how to face the big … Continue reading

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Midnight Minestrone Soup

I’m writing this in darkest hour. No, not metaphorically like that.. just that dawn is an hour or so away. My body clock is rather messed up, and I’m stuck about whether to embrace it or to go on the … Continue reading

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Just imagine that you found that perfect gadget or dress or jacket or something else in the shop window. That thing which you have been searching for ages and never found anything as exact. You immediately rush in and buy … Continue reading

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Ms Feather-light

There is this type of women or girls I keep running into from time to time. I call them Ms. Feather-light. This speciesĀ  is almost always camouflaged as the strong-confident-career types who can take the world with the tip of … Continue reading

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