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The Girl Who Knew Too Much Wikipedia. LinkedIn. Orkut. Facebook. Twitter. Blogger. WordPress. Sometimes I know too much for my own good. Curiosity kills the cat. A little learning is a dangerous thing. I never learn. Never mind.

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Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend

If you landed here searching for ‘Rahul Gandhi’s Girlfriend’ or variations of the same, please pause a few moments to answer the following questions for me in the comments section below. Please. Pretty Please. Is this your first time searching … Continue reading

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Tell me. In Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the characters keep traveling back and forth in time, i.e. keep changing their (x,y,z,t). Or, the author keeps juggling them through and in between space-time co-ordinates. Notice that at no … Continue reading

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A little doubt in Bollywood Trivia

So Wiki informs me that Konkona Sen is the daughter of filmmaker Aparna Sen and science writer and journalist Mukul Sharma. Now my doubt is this: Is this Mukul Sharma the same guy who used to write the column ‘Mindsport’ … Continue reading

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On 2008 and 2009

2008 quite sped past me. And yet, everything that happened is as clear as if it happened today. A learning year. A year of self-discovery. A year of a lot of changes on various levels. A year of beginnings and … Continue reading

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Kai-aLavu manassu.. adhil kadal-aLavu kanavu…

Sometimes I take decisions without as much as a thought, and act upon them, with even less. Sometimes I think and think and think some more, mull over the various options, brood over the upsides and downsides of each, and … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Morning

No, this one’s not about what I had for breakfast. Morning-morning, I get verbally abused by some arbit BMTC driver-conductor duo for the cardinal sin of not having change, and for the even worse sin of being involved with software, … Continue reading

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An Observation…

One thing I’ve noticed over a couple of years is that Arts grads are more likely to support the idea of India as a “developing” country, and are less appreciative of Indian culture, and are more likely to be apologetic … Continue reading

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