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As is usual for me these days, I was babysitting some code, and with nothing to do, I had this delightful exchange with a rather biting punster grad student of my university who is referred to here as Z. Others¬† … Continue reading

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CS-boom-de-ah-dah OR I Love Computer Science.

So I chanced up on this Youtube vid of Discovery Channel’s ‘The World is Awesome’.¬† XKCD had its own lyrics to it. Someone (actually many someones) made videos of it. Given that the original is a camping song called I … Continue reading

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Midnight Minestrone Soup

I’m writing this in darkest hour. No, not metaphorically like that.. just that dawn is an hour or so away. My body clock is rather messed up, and I’m stuck about whether to embrace it or to go on the … Continue reading

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Off with ’em Misconceptions!

I entered the United States mentally prepared for things that would surprise me. But oh well, I still end up shocked, surprised, all that jazz. First, about Americans. All I knew of them was that Indians worked rather hard in … Continue reading

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Postscript in Pink

Or An Afterthought in Amber. Or Revelations in Red. I’ve been seeing so many such titles at the Jack Langson Library [At the university, all places have names associated with them – John Croul Hall, Aldrich Park, Donald Bren Hall, … Continue reading

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IrWhine – The First Week

So it’s nearly been a week since I got here. It’s rather hard to get close to a computer so far, considering summer break’s still on, and Fall Quarter starts only 23rd. So labs are all closed, and the libraries … Continue reading

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