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CS-boom-de-ah-dah OR I Love Computer Science.

So I chanced up on this Youtube vid of Discovery Channel’s ‘The World is Awesome’.  XKCD had its own lyrics to it. Someone (actually many someones) made videos of it. Given that the original is a camping song called I … Continue reading

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Terse Verse: The Nerd

I was a fresh-out-of-high-school kid when I saw a notice at NITK for the Crrescendo Creative Writing Contest. One of the topics was “The Nerd”. I fail to remember the motivations behind this piece of work, apart from the promise … Continue reading

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A Deep C Secret a la Mr. Nash

A long time ago, Ogden Nash wrote: The one-l lama, He’s a priest. The two-l llama, He’s a beast. And I will bet A silk pajama There isn’t any Three-l lllama. I came across a mnemonic like that, recently, and … Continue reading

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Nonsense, and other kinds of verse

A few months back, I was looking for a poem by Ogden Nash, which I’d come across in class 6. It wasn’t on any Ogden Nash site [it wasn’t originally by him, or something like that, I later gathered], and … Continue reading

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Thanks, Jo!

All that which is too dumb to be said, is sung for a dime. All that that is too dumb to be written in prose, is put in rhyme. A cluster of Not-So-Terse Verse. I walked into the bookstore nearby … Continue reading

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