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I ♥ Movies

I used to be a majorleague movie buff at one point of time. It almost seemed like no movie would release in Hindi, Kannada and Tamil, and to some extent, English, without my knowledge. Mind you, this was in the … Continue reading

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A day on Netflix

This might sound really sad, but my introduction to Netflix was through the Netflix Prize. In my defence, I wasn’t all that much into movies back when the contest was announced. And heck, the NITK LAN when I was around … Continue reading

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Mettu Podu – Alltime favorites by Rehman

You are warned. Long Post Ahead. I’m pretty sure every urban South Indian has one of these. Quite obviously… Rahman would score music for all those feel-good flicks that would be megahits. And even if they were not, the music … Continue reading

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Bleg: Assam in Bollywood?

Dedicated to Malu, Pub, Meghali and Indu without meeting whom I would still have thought Assam and the Seven Sisters were another country where people largely wore grass skirts and animal bones and had tiny eyes. One incident that comes … Continue reading

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I suppose I’m the last to notice, but…

I watched Madhavan’s intro scene in Kannathil Muthamittaal recently. The one where he shouts at a fan of his in the bus. Did anyone notice that the guy in the background with the oversized glasses is Siddharth Narayan (of Boys, … Continue reading

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