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The Mandatory Google Buzz Whine

I am totally totally totally peeved with Google Buzz. I hate it like I have hated no other website on the Internet. I think I liked the “Most Irritating Website”  [You’ve seen it and linked a dozen friends to it, … Continue reading

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Google hates me

First they fool around with my GMail settings. Then they deny me (and so far it seems like only me… and Ego) GMail Themes. Is it because I use all your products so much that you are scared of monopolizing … Continue reading

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Help!!!! GMail Unblocked All My Blocked Contacts

Well, thanks to my GMail chat settings changing at random, I have a sizeable number of blocked contacts. And all of a sudden today, ALL my blocked contacts came unblocked. It didn’t seem like a random mistake I might have … Continue reading

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Gmail’s Acting Funny! Somebody Help! And Fast!

For the past six months, I’ve been having a strange problem. So I use GMail for all my emailing. Like a lot of other folks. I interact with a lot of people I don’t add on to my chat list. … Continue reading

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