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Mind Dry Dot In – Coming soon to a stage near you.

Arjun Sharma and Harish Kumar one day found that they could do more productive things with their time than reply to my boring posts. Which is sort of sad since their comments were really nice, funny and to the point. … Continue reading

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How I Got My Visa, and other stories.

I’ve always wanted to write an anthology of short stories for children, which would then have a title like the one above. But my talespinning talents let me down… so I’m reduced to blogging about some or the other sort-of-mundane … Continue reading

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Bangalore is Silicon Valley, eh? As well as being the Capital of Karnataka? If that is the case, why the hell isn’t there an IMDB entry for Upendra? Bloody hell, even some Miscellaneous Crew Member from Dilwale of the same … Continue reading

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How I Spent My Morning

No, this one’s not about what I had for breakfast. Morning-morning, I get verbally abused by some arbit BMTC driver-conductor duo for the cardinal sin of not having change, and for the even worse sin of being involved with software, … Continue reading

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