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Satya Nadella as CEO – good thing, or great thing?

As you might have heard, Satya Nadella is now the CEO of Microsoft. As an NITKian, I’m outraged that a guy from down the highway from my alma mater made it before any of my seniors did. As left-leaners, some … Continue reading

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More thoughts on racism and the like

I’ve been in a foreign country for a year-and-a-half now. The hardest part is not adjusting to the weather or food or the people. Even the accent is not hard, given we’ve all been listening to the American accent right … Continue reading

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Much ado about what?

So Mr. Obama is being heralded as America’s first African-American Presidential candidate. Great, but… This man is the offspring of a white woman and a Kenyan who had enough resources to pursue his higher studies abroad. Brought up largely by … Continue reading

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A Googlebombing Suggestion aka India hits back

Yeah, so reams have been written about how unfair Proctor was, how unfair the entire treatment of the Indian cricket team was, how Symonds deserves to be kicked… On another blog about this entire thing, one commenter had suggested that … Continue reading

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