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Quirky and Quirkier – Tamil Movies of the ’80s and ’90s.

Life was never the same after the advent of the Sun Network. There was a movie every afternoon on Sun TV! Every afternoon! Previously, movies could be watched only on the weekends, on TV, so this was cause for much … Continue reading

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Halfway ’round the world

Yeah, so I’m back at school. For atleast a year more. Lots of things to look forward to, lots to do, and all that. I had a good flight back, mainly because I made sure to specify my meal preferences … Continue reading

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Maestro Musings

After a long time, I watched the video of the remixed, hip-hop song Madai Thiranthu by Yogi B and Natchathira. When I watched it for the first time, the beginning didn’t make sense to me. One guy says, “Inna, Raja-saar?“. … Continue reading

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Watees yin ye nayme, I say?

So Aamir Khan does it yet yegain. The farty-something shtar does a role that was originally done expertly by a twenty-something Surya. The crowd loves him, or so I hear, never mind that he’s atleast a foot shorter than Surya, … Continue reading

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Why South Indians bat for Obama

So every Vamsi Krishna, Nijalingappa, Unnithan and Murugan I know is gunning for Obama.  I think I know why. For starters, the general view is that Southies have more melanin than the others, never mind the Kodavas (who are all … Continue reading

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A far-fetched What-If situation – The Martyring of Manmohan

Just done with the morning paper where the PM’s security arrangements for his trip to Sri Lanka are discussed. They seem quite extravagant this time, due to the Tiger threat. Reminded me of the other time there was a Tiger … Continue reading

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As the title might warn you, this post contains a considerable amount of Tamil untranslated, coz translating it would remove the quirky spirit of what is said. Anyway…. I’ve always been amazed at the utter inability of some of my … Continue reading

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