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When time did not stand still (but I did)

Expectations really change the way you perceive an experience. And I mean really. A couple of years out of school, I sort of began losing touch with my schoolmates, me being at NITK, and they all in Bangalore, and their … Continue reading

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Mind Dry Dot In – Coming soon to a stage near you.

Arjun Sharma and Harish Kumar one day found that they could do more productive things with their time than reply to my boring posts. Which is sort of sad since their comments were really nice, funny and to the point. … Continue reading

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OC Woman – Movies, Mining, Melatonin, Madness

Cheesy, wasn’t that? Let me get done with the last three first. The coursework has been heavy, rather heavy. Thankfully not the sort that drains you of all joie de vivre, and leaves you with no satisfaction. Had enough of … Continue reading

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