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Shouldn’t it be just another doctor’s visit?

When someone’s having a hacking cough and a violent sneeze that’s dispersing droplets of phlegm, you don’t hesitate to tell them they need to visit a doctor. And it’s never seen as an insult, but as a piece of advice … Continue reading

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Maestro Musings

After a long time, I watched the video of the remixed, hip-hop song Madai Thiranthu by Yogi B and Natchathira. When I watched it for the first time, the beginning didn’t make sense to me. One guy says, “Inna, Raja-saar?“. … Continue reading

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LK Advani begins blogging

Well well well…. I began four years earlier than him 🙂 So this is the link to his blog : This move of Mr. Advani gives RSS feeds a whole new meaning 😉 It’s really great to have a … Continue reading

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Yet another instance of irony.

So I have a fair amount of good stuff on my comp thanks to NITK’s LAN. But if you have 10 GB of music, you surely cannot listen to everything regularly. I wanted to see what I’d been missing out … Continue reading

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My favorite clips from the movies

Been ages since I did one of those movie-music-list posts. So here we go again. There are many times when I’ve been totally floored by just one tiny scene in an entire movie, even if the rest of the movie … Continue reading

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New Photoblog

So I was wasting away reading the feeds I subscribe to, when I came across the tale of tale of this guy who clicked pictures every day for eighteen years. And he quit only because he died. Made me think … Continue reading

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On 2008 and 2009

2008 quite sped past me. And yet, everything that happened is as clear as if it happened today. A learning year. A year of self-discovery. A year of a lot of changes on various levels. A year of beginnings and … Continue reading

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