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A Book, A Movie, An Article, A Blogpost and Social Networks.

After heavy recos from Tuna Fish, I watched half of The Social Network. I was reasonably impressed. It was a decent start to glamourizing coding and algorithms. It feels like a good start… maybe twenty years hence, there will be … Continue reading

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Baby, You’re a rich man!

Apparently, art is the best way to reflect life of the times. When most of us have Facebook tab open all day and  keep checking updates every few minutes, imagine what we could give the pool. Hmph! Imagine taping how … Continue reading

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A Brief, Incomplete History of my tryst with Social Networking (On the web)

So Krishashok reminisces about Orkut here. And sends me into flashbacks of the time when online social networking was just making its way into our lives. And of when we folks turned full-on addicts. And when I stepped away from … Continue reading

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When time did not stand still (but I did)

Expectations really change the way you perceive an experience. And I mean really. A couple of years out of school, I sort of began losing touch with my schoolmates, me being at NITK, and they all in Bangalore, and their … Continue reading

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Minestrone Soup for the Confused Soul

I’m wondering if anyone still reads this page. It feels like ages since I updated here, and it shows. I’ve a lot more bottled-up emotions, my smile has never been more fake, and even my teenagy angst has given way … Continue reading

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