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Bangalore is Silicon Valley, eh? As well as being the Capital of Karnataka? If that is the case, why the hell isn’t there an IMDB entry for Upendra? Bloody hell, even some Miscellaneous Crew Member from Dilwale of the same … Continue reading

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Why South Indians bat for Obama

So every Vamsi Krishna, Nijalingappa, Unnithan and Murugan I know is gunning for Obama.  I think I know why. For starters, the general view is that Southies have more melanin than the others, never mind the Kodavas (who are all … Continue reading

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An EPIC saga

Nah… I don’t have a good enough post to merit this title… getting my Voter ID passed off without incident. Unless of course you count all our addresses being printed wrong, to some location that possibly doesn’t exist. Or the … Continue reading

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