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Stop-Gap Measures

You know some things are scheduled to come to an end. The only questions that plague you are How and When. Life is full of highs and lows, and the beginning to the end is felt with a lot of … Continue reading

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On Advertisements

A couple of days back, it was a colleague’s birthday – a few moments of welcome relief in the midst of pre-release tension. As we finished wishing him, we grabbed chocolates. I’d picked a Kit-Kat as I walked back to … Continue reading

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Love at first sight – a justification.

In keeping with my previous few contrarian posts, I write this, as a late V-Day special. So everyone says love at first sight is one of those things which is totally inane and destined not to work out, for “looks … Continue reading

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Dear Departed

Have you ever had something with you, so close that you never noticed it? Something whose value you realize just when you have had lost it? I never thought this would be the case, but yes, the loss of my … Continue reading

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A better garment

They should have instead called for Pink Slips. Solely because there’s a pun in it. And because it’s recession time. You effectively reject the sort of behaviour your opponents show by giving them pink slips. And it’s more appropriate because … Continue reading

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An epiphany about wasting time on the Net

This just occurred to me. Maybe you who’s reading this knew this for ages, but when Aamir Khan reads about dyslexia ages after Arun Shourie established a special school [Ok, not too sure about the establishment bit… but I think … Continue reading

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Devil’s Advocacy on Moral Policing and the like

Yeah, Ram Sena etc etc is what inspired this post. So basically, people are loth to be policed. Urbane Indians, most of all. At the slightest provocation, Times of India and their related concerns jump to ask “Who are THEY … Continue reading

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Posts I want to write… and Open Thread

I’m hard-pressed for time now. Actually no. I can surely make time for blogging. But then I choose not to owing to a few reasons… including my extreme lethargy. Anyways… here are post ideas that occur to me, and which … Continue reading

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