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How the new Internet usage paradigm has affected my mind.

It’s what we all used to laugh about. “I close a Facebook/Reddit/Twitter tab, and then open another”. “I can’t stop refreshing my GMail app”. “I open Reddit and all the links are purple”. And then I thought I got over … Continue reading

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Published in a real magazine!

Well, just the online version. But here it is: English Gave My Generation A Voice  in Swarajya Magazine. It’s where I respond to a piece in New York Times by Aatish Taseer, titled How English Ruined Indian Literature. I like how … Continue reading

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KB, TV, women and character-driven screenplay.

I know K Balachander more by his TV series than his movies. That’s mainly because when I was in my preteens and teens, KB sir had all but stopped making movies, and instead concentrated on the small screen. K Balachandar-in Chinna … Continue reading

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Talent and Bad Behaviour

Growing up, I was subjected to Carnatic music classes, like most children in my neighborhood. I grew up resenting it all. I don’t as such hate the music part of it. I love what I’ve got from Carnatic music… the … Continue reading

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English, August – A Decade Later

Earlier today, I was watching Kevin Spacey’s Shipping News. It’s about a guy who moves to Newfoundland and builds a new life after his wife’s death and his parents’ suicide. It reminded me of Upamanyu Chatterjee’s English, August. Strange, because English, August is quite the reverse. … Continue reading

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The False Dichotomy Before Her

I just got done watching The World Before Her. It was a nice accompaniment to being confined indoors on a warm summer day and doing chores and my nails and hair. Anyway. This documentary. It tries to show two supposed extremes in … Continue reading

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Degree of Confidence

Now that the BJP has won and all, I feel free to now be critical of it and keep it on its path. The nonconstructive opposition has been decimated, and it’s for those of us who wanted BJP in power … Continue reading

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Ab ki baar we’ve come pretty far

Six weeks of voting and I wasn’t there in India for it at all, but thanks to social media and political parties and commentators getting on these platforms, it’s been easy to follow the proceeds, and be excited. I watched … Continue reading

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Monsieur Neuf – Happy Ninth Birthday, blog!

This blog is nine years old today! It’s been a long, long time. Almost as long as the UPA has been in power, and decided to reverse all the decisions of its predecessor and tried ousting the NDA-appointed erudite, visionary … Continue reading

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Annual April Blues

Ever since I’ve started blogging, or, possibly, started at NITK, April is when I’m at my most morose. I don’t know why. This year is exacerbated by virtue of being in a city known for gloomy skies. I also suspect … Continue reading

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Rightwing resurgence

So Modi wave and all that. I was growing sick and tired of all the same speeches, rhetoric, all that jazz. And then they admitted Muthalik into the BJP. Everyone went apeshit then. Seemed like a spectacular return to form … Continue reading

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Kalki Koolgirl

So anyone who’s not been under a rock seems to have read the ‘cool girl’ excerpt from Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. I read that book, liked the passage, went on to share it, found that everyone and his sister had beaten me … Continue reading

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Satya Nadella as CEO – good thing, or great thing?

As you might have heard, Satya Nadella is now the CEO of Microsoft. As an NITKian, I’m outraged that a guy from down the highway from my alma mater made it before any of my seniors did. As left-leaners, some … Continue reading

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Yeh Jo Des Hai Tera…

Was showing my mother around Queens. Inevitably, Jackson Heights was visited. For those not in the know, Jackson Heights around Roosevelt Avenue is an Indian/South Asian neighborhood. There are grocery stores where you get, among other things, packaged lotus roots … Continue reading

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Lernen zu lernen

When you’re among too many smart people for too long, it’s easy to come to the conclusion you’re stupid. That happened to me – JEE coaching, undergrad, first job, gradschool. Now when you feel this way, it can go one … Continue reading

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Things on my mind

I tried writing a full-length blogpost on most or all of these topics, but somehow lost my way. So here they are, summarized and all together Pride I went to NYC Pride a few weeks ago. Usually, when ‘Pride’ is … Continue reading

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How to fight so everyone identifies with it – A review of Before Midnight

I watched Before Midnight weeks ago. I’ve been trying to review it ever since, but nothing clicked. I could go on telling the story of how I chanced upon the movies. I could talk about the time I had a Before Sunrise time, … Continue reading

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Freedom, to be.

That Delhi girl died. I don’t know if I should even be saying anything. In the time between when she was assaulted and when she passed away, I was having a good time. Lots of friends and acquaintances coming in … Continue reading

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Women in Technology and suchlike blah

Oh yay, Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo! now and what a victory for women in tech worldwide is that! Actually…. I am hovering somewhere between ‘Oh!’ and ‘Meh..’ on that. Let me elaborate. I’m a girl in computer … Continue reading

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The Cult of Bob Biswas

Living in New York City has its perks. Hindi movies on the big screen are never too far away. My flatmate was away for a bit. I wanted a fun-filled Saturday. Being away from Irvine and in an action-packed city, … Continue reading

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